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Chanson Vintage Jazz Swing & Pop

This Toulouse based duo delivers pop songs with a multitude of influences from the twenties to the present day. Jane for Tea is fronted by the soulful, gritty and powerful lead vocals of Séverine aka Jane'. The singer and actress is the sexy soul of the duo with the very cool JP there on vocals and percussive, driving ukulele.
IN UK...Isle of Wight and June and December 2014 :
VENTNOR ARTS CLUB said :"I saw JANE FOR TEA's French Jazz tinged pop songs on the Croisette in Cannes and were amazed that such an enormous sound came from such a compact trio. As they left the massive festival crowd that had gathered, along with their ukulele, drums and bass they took a booking for the Isle of Wight.
JANE FOR TEA is fronted by the soulful, gritty, and powerful vocals of Séverine aka "Jane".
She describes their sound as "old for new songs" a mix of original composition and covers, revisited and rearranged in French and English".
A Cannes journalist described their sound as "perfectly constructed new music, inspired by the songs of yesteryear ; guaranteed to send tingles down the stiffest of spines".
 But when they need to, they ease up and complement the more emotionnal numbers with a gentle touch and consummate sensitivity.
This is an opportunity to see a fantastically creative, slightly retro but new act who pack a punch and delight their audiences.
They are highly recommended, but visit our website, listen and judge for yourself ! "

A subtle mix of madness and  powerful notes and furious rhythms.  A subtle mix between Rita Mitsouko, Annie Lennox and Matt Bianco !


A UFO on the French musical scene.


She "brings the house down."


So beautiful and sexy,  in a class of her own,  glam vintage with a French touch.


Vintage sounds, boldness, creativity, a univers that does not exist yet, an unusual atmosphere.  All of that with lots of class and elegance.


An incredible trio.  A mix of talent, simplicity and good mood...


P.F (FOOLS GARDEN) :"you have a wonderful band and your band has an outstanding singer in every way !!!Lots of greetings"


Jane have a powerfully soulful voice, ideally suited to her choice of material.


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