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JANE FOR TEA / ISLAND ARTS / ISLE OF WIGHT MAIL (The Island's community Newspaper)

Ventnor Arts Club has booked Jane For Tea to deliver French, Jazz tinged songs for three nights June 19th to 21th.

For this year's Festival of the Sea and Round the Island race week end, Ventnor Arts Club sailed across La Manche and signed JANE FOR TEA's French Jazz tinged pop songs on the Croisette in Cannes and were amazed that such an enormous sound came from such a compact trio.

As they left the massive festival crowd that had gathered, along with their ukulele, drums and bass they took a booking for the Isle of Wight.

JANE FOR TEA is fronted by the soulful, gritty, and powerful vocals of Séverine aka "Jane". She describes their sound as "old for new songs" a mix of original composition and covers, revisited and rearranged in French and English".

A Cannes journalist described their sound as "perfectly constructed new music, inspired by the songs of yesteryear ; guaranteed to send tingles down the stiffest of spines".

Behind Jane are JP and Fonzy, who put the beats into the songs in ample measure on a reduced drum kit and an implausibly little bass. But when they need to, they ease up and complement the more emotionnal numbers with a gentle touch and consummate sensitivity. This is an opportunity to see a fantastically creative, slightly retro but new act who pack a punch and delight their audiences. They are highly recommended but visit their website at , listen, watch and judge for yourself.

Tickets are on sale now online via at £5 for

members and £8 for non-members. They

play three nights 19th , 20th and 21st June.

Early booking advised.

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